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Also Available on Windows and Blackberry

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Why do you need my email address?

So we can store your app data (on your books and authors) on our secure server. We will also use your email address to send you an email if you wish to buy kindle books. (Apple will not allow us to go direct from the app).

What if I don’t want to use my email address?

You can use the app as a guest and the data will be stored to your phone only.

Is there a free version?

Yes there is now a free version with ads too.

When I try to add my author it is not listed?

Try and get the exact spelling right, it is searching the Amazon server for a match. Note, there may be multiple entries for the same author so if you don’t get the listing you expected try another.

How do I list books for that author?

Just click on the author and the app will start loading the books (60 at a time).

When I load the books for my author not all their books are listed?

To speed up display the first 60 books are listed (all formats) so press “more” to list more books, you can tailor this list to your chosen format eg ebook.

How do I delete authors?

Simple, swipe left or right and follow the instruction.

What do the buttons All, To Buy and My Library mean?

All – This lists all books for the author, you can tailor these to the format of your choice eg e book,
To Buy – You can tailor this list (swipe left or right to remove books) to create your very own wish list for your authors.
My Library – When you click “Bought” in the All List these books will move here and create a record of all books you have bought/read for that author. Again you can tailor this list as above.

Can I delete books from these lists?

Yes you can, simply swipe left or right to remove books from these lists.

Why can’t I buy Kindle books?

You can. When you click on an ebook it will provide you with 2 options to either buy from Apple’s ibooks or send you an email with a link to buy direct from the kindle store.

Why can’t I buy kindle books direct from the app?

Unfortunately Apple will not allow this but via the email link we have provided a solution.

How do notifications work?

If you have allowed push notifications on the app and you have them switched on in your phone settings then you will receive a pop up notification when your chosen author publishes a new book. These are then listed in the app for you to look at later should you wish. You can tailor this list. We are working on improving the accuracy of these notifications as we have noticed that Amazon add books that aren’t necessarily new books, also we are trying to tailor these to the format of book you read eg just e books